The Big Group presented Nel. & Mercado vs. Atlas Dining & IDES

Sydney vs Melbourne

We all know about the rivalry between the two cities so at Taste of Melbourne 2017 we put top chefs representing each city to the ultimate test to prove which city does better food.

This humorous debate of which offers the best food and dining experience often pops up, with Melbourne immediately raising their nose in the air, as if they win the argument by default. Although it may seem a simple question at first, the surface quickly becomes quite complicated when you add multiple factors into the equation. Top-end dining, a fusion of foods and cuisine range, extensive eateries, value for money, the dispute is endless!

In the clash of the titans of Aussie cities, Melbourne came out on top!

The concept behind the restaurant was to showcase the ultimate battle between Sydney and Melbourne heroing iconic Sydney Chefs Nelly Robinson (Nel.) & Nathan Sasi (Mercado) and Melbourne Chefs Peter Gunn (IDES) and Charlie Carrington (Atlas).

Each chef produced an individual and a collaboration dish.



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