Lûmé Looking Glass Virtual Reality Experience

What will you see in the Lûmé Looking Glass?

Food is about more than flavour alone. It’s about taste, touch, sight and smell. So why not ignite all the senses?

Using virtual reality technology, Lûmé is taking guests on an immersive dining journey of multisensory proportions. See the kitchen through the eyes of a chef; smell the sweet, citrusy fresh air of a Yarra Valley orchard; and feel the breeze brush past your cheeks as you’re whisked back to reality – amidst a bustling restaurant service.

Known for his unique, visionary and often eccentric approach to fine dining, Chef Shaun Quade gives you a taste of the Lûmé psyche with his Meyer Lemon Tree.

Exclusive to Taste of Melbourne and a first for Australia; what will you see in the Lûmé Looking Glass? #lumelookingglass