Babu Ji


Babu Ji is not your typical Indian joint. The term ‘Babu Ji’ is a phrase used to show a sign of respect to your elder’s i.e Grandfather, Father or Government Employee and used at the start of every greeting. ‘Babu Ji’ is one of great respect and love and we have worked hard to recreate the total Babu Ji experience. Babu Ji happily and unashamedly indulges in food and hospitality. We laugh loudly, and smile, celebrating Indian food and culture.

Established in 2014, Babu Ji offers fresh and often unexpected Indian flavours. Traditional home-style tastes are recreated with authentic Indian food and a vast menu of street food.

The food is simple yet sophisticated, made from quality products sourced local markets and farmers. Many of our dishes built for sharing and most are gluten free. Also accommodating for vegetarian and vegan diets.

“We want to serve a little more than just curry and rice . We want to teach people how many health benefits spices have and that we can avoid so many preservatives by just using spices. The purpose was to make our place more of an institution than just a restaurant, where people come have good food , good laugh, good time and a learning experience”.

Babu Ji has already been applauded by The Age Good Food Guide, Cheap Eats, SMH, The Australian, Broadsheet and the Herald Sun.


The George Building

4–6 Grey Street,

St Kilda,



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